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Dribbble Genealogy: Meet your Dribbble ancestors

This is my new web experiment with JavaScript, jQuery and Dribbble API – called “Dribbble Genealogy“:

  • If you’re, by any chance, a Dribbble Player, you can enter your username to generate your own dribbble genealogy.
  • If not, you may use my username – Rork, or try these IDs to check the functionality: 14392, 2942, 38531, 1433, 34963.

This time, I’m connecting to API directly with AJAX requests using JSONP without Jribbble library I used before. So I’m going to do some re-work of Dribbble Profile too and add its dependency-free version to Github in some time.

Dribbble Genealogy screenshot

Here is the Github repo.

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