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Paper audio player made with Polymer 1.0

I hope you’ve noticed that this summer the Polymer team has shipped the production-ready version 1.0 that was announced during Google I/O 2015. Polymer is a shim for a new and young web standard called Web Components, which enables us to create completely custom HTML elements.

Here is an example

Let’s check the default <audio> element. The code we use for inserting any audio file into a web page is really simple and self-explanatory:

 <audio src="file.mp3"></audio>

And it always looks like this:

Now, what the Web Components standard - together with Polymer - enables us to do is to create a custom element that we could use in a similar way to the default version above:

 <paper-audio-player src="file.mp3"></paper-audio-player>

However, it could have a custom design, additional features and behavior:

Paper audio player screenshot

Paper Audio Player

I created the Player above as an opensource element, so you can use it in your next project. Check out its live demo here.

To add it into your project:

  • Use Bower (recommended):
        bower install paper-audio-player
  • Or download it from GitHub as a ZIP

Check out the Readme for more details, customization options and development instructions in the GitHub repo.

How it’s built:

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