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About Nadine

Certified Developer and Vetted Expert

Top 20% on Stack Overflow in the Angular category

Nadine’s open-source player is the most popular audio component on Github and is being used in production at many companies, including Google

Technical Mentor At

I taught myself to code at 12 and since then I’ve been on a mission to build useful things on web. I’m user-focused and love working on UI/UX. It’s my passion to improve users behavior, experience, and understanding of a software product.

I hold a Masters Degree in Architecture and a Diploma from Art School, which makes me a perfect blend of art and engineering that is crucial for user-facing applications with pixel perfect quality. I have extensive product owner experience with development of production-grade SaaS applications.

With 10+ years of commercial experience in web and SaaS development, I focus on writing clean code and optimizing it for future maintenance which saves time, resources, and increases sustainability of the code base through the years of development.

I’m passionate about web development and giving back to the community. When my schedule allows, I contribute to open-source libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, Angular Bootstrap.

My tech stack and experience breakdown:

  • 10+ years of SaaS front-end development experience (CSS, HTML, Javascript)
  • 6+ years of AngularJS, Sass, LESS, jQuery, Bootstrap 2-4
  • 3+ years of Angular 2-6, React, Typescript, RxJS, unit testing
  • 2+ years of Node.js and NoSQL
  • 1+ years of React Native development

My open source projects:

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